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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Easy Puttu

Hi friends!! A very happy karthigai deepam to all of you!
I have come with a very classic dish - Puttu. This puttu is very healthy and so yummy to taste. I have made these puttu with kavuni rice. This was the rice which our ancestors had. Its packed with nutrients and tastes sooo good. You can use regular pacharisi ( raw rice  ) for this recipe too.

Rice        - 1 cup
Water     - for soaking
Coconut - 1 cup(or more)
Sugar     - 3 to 4 tbsp(as required)

Wash and soak the rice in hot water for 2 hours
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Then drain it in a strainer and spread it in a towel and let it dry in shade ( I usually leave it under the fan )
Now grind it in a mixer and sieve it ( you will get some residues, just keep them aside for final grinding)
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Repeat the process for all the rice.
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Now take the residues and grind it again and sieve it ( you can use the final residue for making koozh )
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In a kadai fry the sieved flour until it is hot,(that's enough )
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Place this in a idly cooker and steam it for 10-15 minutes ( this step is a must as it gives a nice texture  and ensures that there is no raw smell)
To the steamed rice powder add in the coconut and sugar.
Then spray little water and make puttus. You can make any shape you like

Dry roasting the flour gives a nice flavour.
Try to add little water only, until you can hold them to shape.
It tastes best on the same day. However you can refrigerate for 3 to 4 days.

Jayanthi B


  1. Hi Jayanthi,
    Very nice recipe of puttu.
    Your explained this recipe so beautifully. This require good efforts. I could see the efforts involved. I am very sure this is very healthy and tasty recipe.

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