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Hi! Welcome to The Passionate Sisters!!

We are the passionate sisters - Jayanthi and Sindhiya. During our childhood days, cooking has always been fun for us. Holidays were our trial days. We used to sneak into our kitchen while our mom was sleeping ( as she definitely don't want her kitchen messed up after our cooking experiments :)) to try new dishes with whatever we have at home. Mostly we work with potato. We have experimented with this veggie a lot. If only it could have had legs, it would have ran away from us.. Then as life progressed cooking took a back step as we were running to get a degree and a job. Then cooking became our forefront after my sister's ( Jayanthi ) marriage. To know more about us individually, first over to Jayanthi,

Hi, I am Jayanthi and I live in Chennai (Tamil Nadu, India) with my two lovely kids, my hubby, my mother in law and father in law.
After marriage I started making all regular routines and started baking too. As my hubby is a variety food lover, he gets me so many veggies and fruits many of which I have not even seen. I started making dishes for that.
My hubby is so much health conscious. I often do cooking in my earthernware, use millets, organic items and so on in my regular basis.
You know something?? I have not even purchased a spoon for my kitchen. Everything from the make of my kitchen to the kitchen equipment is all his idea. He only bought me an OTG, baking pan, measuring cups, spoon, ramekins, ceramic cups. He encourages me a lot and my best critic too :)
I used to search for many recipes especially baking and desserts. When I found that my son was not taking any of the fruits I was worried and was googling for any other way to make him have fruits and at last found baking with fruits. When I bake, my first customer would be my son. He loves it so much, whatever I bake he would be waiting in the kitchen itself to have it hot. These things made me much interested in baking.

Ok, now about me...
Hi!! I am currently living in Coimbatore with my husband Suresh Sankar(SS), my two little daughters father in law(mama) and mother in law( athai). After I got married, I found that I had lot of extra time with which I didn't know what to do. I learnt many new things but didn't find my passion and love in anything. And then at last I found my passion in cooking. I found that I was really happy and more than that I was myself when I was cooking . I feel so happy and satisfied whenever I cook something and my family loves it. This blog helps me to share that happiness to you all :)
I know what you will ask, why it should take such a long time to find my true passion even with all that childhood love for cooking. Well, I don't know :) but I am so happy that I found it and now I enjoy what I do.
Other than our experiments in our mom's kitchen, I didn't know much about cooking before marriage.
I learnt most of kitchen basics from my mother in law( nothing can beat her classical dishes!!). Then my mom, my sister Jayanthi, my 3 sister in laws all have their roles in my cooking.
Blogging has made me even more passionate about cooking, creating new dishes and photography too.
I am a chocolate lover. I will fall for anything that has oozing hot chocolate. I love to try different cuisines.
Other than cooking I love to spend time with my SS and my kids a lot. Nothing cheers me like a long drive with them...And I am great fan of Masterchef Australia.

How the blog started?
Whenever we try something new, we just click it and mail to each other which eventually lead to this blog.The recipes you see here are a collection from our both families, friends, friend's friend, other blogs, rarely books and our own :) All the recipes are tried in either one of our kitchen.

What can you find here?
Our main concern is to satisfy all the people or to say it better, to satisfy all our moods.
Some days we like a light and healthy meal, while some other days we love a rich and decadent dish. This blog tries to satisfy both. You can find easy, healthy recipes and decadent ones too. So pick one according to your mood :)
We have also made step by step pictures for the recipes for easy understanding.

We love to hear from you, if you have any queries/ doubts or any suggestions feel free to contact us at  

Thank you for visiting our space. Hope you enjoy it!!!


  1. Hi both...So lovely of companion blogging and its lovely. Good work. All the best. Do be in touch and happy to know abt you through blogging

    1. Thank you so much Malathi!! Very happy to know you :)

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    Gayathri Ramanan

  3. Hello, nice to meet you both, I'm Cristina from Italy! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it makes me discover yours!I'm really curious about Indian cuisine, I have just soo much to learn about! See you soon!Cris