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Saturday, 4 April 2015

How to store Cookies ( how to keep cookies crisp and fresh!! )

After baking wonderful Shortbread Cookies, you do need a perfect storing method right?

Have you all come across this scenario- Your freshly baked cookie that tasted awesome the day that was made, didn't taste that good later even after storing them in an airtight container? Well it has been a nagging question in my mind for a long time until I came up with this simple solution.

How to store Cookies
Do you know that even store brought cookies lose their crispness and freshness when they are removed from their packets and stored in airtight containers!? They will turn little soft and the lose its aroma. But when tied with a rubber band in their respective packets before storing them in the containers, they remain fresher longer with their perfect crispness.
I applied the same principle in storing homemade cookies. Here I used a cling film to wrap the cookies well before putting them in airtight containers. This double packing ensures that your cookies remains fresh just like the day when you made it!!!

How to store Cookies

One small step and now you don't need to reheat the cookies in the oven to regain their freshness as they are all well packed to retain their wonderful aroma and crispness.... Plus they are quite easy to grab later too :)


How to store Cookie

Best Method to store Cookies to retain their freshness!!
Prep time:  Cook time: 
Total time:  Yield: 2 serving  

Baked and Cooled Cookies :
Cling Film: 2 square sheets ( or as required )
Ribbons/ Rubber band: 2 ( optional ) 

1) After baking the cookies allow them to cool completely. Spread the cling film on the table and place the stacked cookies on it ( Stack 4 or 5 cookies as they are easy to handle )
pic name pic name
2) Gather the cling film on all sides and twist on top.
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3) Now place these cookies in an airtight container.
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Voila!!! Perfect cookies now remain perfect too...

Optionally, you can also tie a ribbon or a rubber band on top of the twisted clingfilm. 
How to store Cookies

1) Stacking the cookies in 4 or 5 ensures that the cookies do not break and they are quite handy to grab later too.
2) I used Shortbread cookies here, you can use any other crisp cookie too.
3) You can also use the same method for storing store brought cookies ( when you happen to tear off the entire wrapper, which happens to me many times! )

How to store Cookies


  1. Awesome Tip for storing cookies. Thanks for share! :)

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